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havent wrote in a while! (:

so i live in kentucky now!

i go to beechwood high school!

and i have a boyfreind

i have already had 2

and 2 hook ups ahhaha!

immaa hoe (:

ohhh wellll i live in fort something whatever i dont care lol! (:

goooooddd night imma ggooo (:
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i think were going to the apratment!




moms boyfreinds house



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i live in kentucky now !


these this boyyyy!
damnn fine as hell! ahhahaah

meghan cameee to kentcuky with me ahah
she is hunngrryyy i guess!

cant wai ttooo come bacckkk


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didnt go to school
just found out im moving
this monday!
              lame but whatever

i lvoe maddy!
rgehdgf i dont want to leave her ):
        omgg sanddyy i cant leave wiht out sayying byeee ):
i feel so bad shittt!
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I havent wrote for a little while soo letts seee!

no more me and kyle
moving in 2 weeks!
smoke as much as i want!
i cant wait tilll this friday!
new boyyyyy
his name destinnn!

going to beddd
write in this tomorromw
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ugh so god damn early in the moring im preety pissed

SEVE had to wake us up didnt he
I dont know what imm doing to day but whatever i dont care that much
i guess tis this is so lameee i want kyle pretty much!
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haha lame poeple who really take there time to right somthing lame on here i mean god damn! you fucking fags
ahahah i feeel so loved cause you take time out of you life to comemnt me and say somehtin as lame as you !

but have fun saying your shit i really could care lesss (:

soo since im over lame kids like that whoc ant tell me and be non pussy and tell me who they are
i had a good day haha!

im prettty bored now !
but whatevevr ill egt voer it meghan is slleeepppping! ):
ohh welll hahaha iM PRETTTY much in vloe wiht kyle butt.....

but nothing .....
hahah whatever bye!

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fucking pissed at least i know how
people feel i cant wait to leave either to get away from all the fakes and
bullshit 727 brings ever one.Florida is a piece of shit that is worth less to plant we call earth

i just don't want to leave kyle !
fuck ever one else I'm over all of you.

and if you have the balls to say that comment then you have the balls to
tellme who you are you fucking faggget!

Current Mood: angry angry

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my day is okay i guess

 i mean i skiiiped again!

hahahha and i just got done eating
and i think we goin to go see seve for meghan!
she has fucking 3 boys going after her my lord!
but i still lvoe her

i dont want to movve at all i reallly pissed i ahve to im going to misss o many poeple its crazy!
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Im in love with a boy named kyle
he makes ever day for me
i just cant get over him im
in lvoe wiht this boy so much!

Give me your hand and I will hold it forever
On my nightstand in a box with your love letters
I love you dear, I know we will not be parting
I'll keep you near, scattered around my apartment

Current Mood: dorky

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